Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Minutes of accidental Attraction is better than none at all

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Before I explain why a minute to deliberate Attraction is better than none at all, I would like to start by giving a definition of The Law of Attraction.

The legal definition of interest: I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy; Whether wanted or unwanted.

It is important to understand that The Law of Attraction operates in every moment. Now, at this time, we each offer vibration and The Law of Attraction is matching vibrations and give us more than that; Are we offer free vibration accidentally or deliberately. As the definition says, whether wanted or unwanted, we attracted more than anything vibrations that we offer at any time. When it comes to vibration, whether or not they purposely offered, or offered free deliberate, and whether or not the vibration of interest to us something we want or not want, The Law of Attraction is still watching and operate in the same way --- at any time.

Ideally, we would want to be more deliberate offer-ers about the vibrations that we offer. When we become what we give our focus, attention, and energy to deliberate, we are practicing intentional Attraction! Here is an easy 4-phase cycle to help you understand why intentional Attraction is an important skill to practice.

Stage # 1: You observe what you are interesting in every moment of your life.
Stage # 2: While observing what you draw, you offer the vibration accordingly.
Stage # 3: Are offered intentionally or non-intentionally, at all times, The Law of Attraction check with your vibration.
Stage # 4: Law of Attraction then give you more of whatever you are offering vibrationally.

4-stages of this cycle continues over and over again, and again and again. This is how you embody more than whatever you give focus, attention, or energy for you.
Note the word 'attention' in our definition of The Law of Attraction. The more attention you give something intentional that you want, the faster it will manifest in your life. Imagine spending a minute intentionally put the focus, attention, and energy on the road you want something in your life. You fill minutes deliberately offer vibrations. Call vibration energy of The Law of Attraction to start taking place whatever you just give your attention.

Now that you understand, more clearly, the importance of being a deliberate bid-er of your vibration, not a deliberate attraction minutes is better than nothing at all? Remember, when you pay attention to what you want, you've included in your current vibration. And, when you pay attention to what you want, you've included in your current vibration. Law of Attraction does not make any distinction between the two.

Cover, at any time, including this time now, right now, right now, you are including both what you want and do not want in your vibration. The practice became more deliberate in your vibration and you will realize your desires more quickly. That is intentional Attraction is all about.

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