Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Control your own motivation level

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When I first mention this to most people, they really do not understand, so here is a simple formula for keeping your moods upbeat.

Audio books and music can be used as a tool for motivation. Audio books are a great tool of motivation and learning, while you are commuting, or just out for a drive alone. I mention "alone" because, ideally, you should spend some quality time with the people in your car.

You can learn a lot about life and self-improvement audio book can keep you motivated throughout the day.

When I first started listening to audio books it was during commuter traffic through Providence and Boston. I would show up for meetings relaxed, with fresh ideas, and motivated. When people ask me the secret, I told him about the magic of audio books.

Most of them were never asked again, I think some strange eternal optimist, and never bother to try audio books.
Unfortunately, many people are slaves to stress, and do not want to change anything. They live their lives with a perfect recipe for a heart attack and high blood pressure.

Here is a finished recipe for life is very sad and short. You must combine "too late" to work, the high volume of traffic, the daily latte, a high stress job, and appear almost on time or late.

Some people are, what I call, "mad world." They drive from one intersection to the next, making gestures at everyone. Some people can be helped, while others go through a daily cycle of frustration and even invite violence.

Now, let us get back to you. As long as you remain conscious, you can control your motivation, mood, and levels of optimism. So, taken over by inserting itself into positive energy with books, audio books, music, and positive people.

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