Friday, October 30, 2015

Are you struggling in life?

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Do you recognize the following.
You are already a partner, a beautiful child, and most things do not go smoothly today. You do not feel down or depressed but you quickly irritated, slightly tense and restless. Your partner feel the situation and talk to you about it.
You wave the problem go away saying they do not exist.

In the workplace you have a busy period. Some major decisions are made for you and you will tell some employees that they will lose their jobs.
It was not a call but yet you feel comfortable with the whole situation.
Time comes closer to the bad-news-conversation.

You wonder if you should do something to prevent the loss of jobs.
You think you are doing the best I can but in your mind there is still doubt. You see the whole situation over again. You talk about it at home and you even consulted with some friends. They tell you that you do not have to worry to much. Easier said then done.

Home things running smoothly. There is no problem between you and your partner. You will be able to keep a job and personal situation apart from one another.
In the mean time of day, week run by and D-days approach. You begin to feel worser and worser.
You know this is the most has been done, it is for the benefit of the company. But still ...

The whole situation reminds you of a period of a few years ago. You also do not feel good, but you can not relate to a particular moment.
Period of not-so-feel-good did not last long.
You continue with your life as a fixed thing by themselves.

Now you think that period again and wonder what you are doing then to find more peace of mind.
You really do not remember when but someone spy to you about meditation.
You do not think that it is something for you. So you do not ask or some reaching about it.

After a conversation with an employee facing life goes on.
The Company is running fine. You keep track of things and come home in the water more subtle. Life looks better today. You do not have a lot of sadness and pain in the neck-shoulder area you are then in a troubled period.

In the meantime your partner without the knowledge you have talked to several people about the situation. He spoke to colleagues and suggest that you should read a book about self-awareness.

Only this night you both talk about the situation and you hear the advice provide by the peer.
You think to read books on meditation, selfhypnosis. All this for selfgrowth and personal development.

You sit behind your computer and type in the words of self-awareness, development, manifestations of the life of a search query and press the ENTER key.

Want to find a way to help you with the struggle of life.

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