Saturday, October 24, 2015

Do I need to visualize to realize my dream?

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You've heard me talk in previous articles about the deliberate attraction. Law of Attraction is a major force that operates at every moment, including this moment right now. Knowing that we all offer a vibration (vibration) at any time, and that The Law of Attraction matches the vibration and bring us more of the same vibe (either wanted, or unwanted), is very important for us to understand the importance of being intentional about What is that we vibrationally offer. The more we learn to apply the Law of Attraction our lives and tap into a powerful force, a more deliberate we learn to become as an attractor. This accelerates the manifestation of our desires. And that brings us to the topic of this article. Visualization is necessary to realize our desires?

Let's start by reviewing the 3-step formula for intentional Attraction:

1) I identify my desire (be as specific as possible).
2) I raise my vibration (by giving attention to my wishes).

3) I was allowed (by reducing my refusal to accept my wishes).

Often, people will say they have identified their desire and usually made a big list of what they desire. I am often asked, "Michael, why the law of attraction does not realize my dream?" When I ask them where that list is now, two answers, I usually get is: "Oh I do not have it anymore." And, "It is stored somewhere."

It is important to remember that The Law of Attraction is a 3-step process and one-step process. Law of Attraction states, "whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, I will draw more than that, whether wanted or unwanted." Once we have determined our desires, we need to give attention to their wishes. This is why most people who build a list, and then tuck, never saw a real desire on the list.

I want to teach deliberately using the Law of Attraction through words because words are a common denominator that we all share. We talk, hum, sing, read, write, paint and process words in every moment of our day. All words carry vibration for people who say they are or think they are. However, there are different ways to pay attention to your wishes. Some people like to use words, writing or talking to other people about their wishes. Others want to visualize, or using other forms of art such as making collages. It is true that all this way to give attention to your desire and help to increase your vibration. However, it is also true that not all methods or tools will feel better for everyone who uses them. So, how do you determine if the correct method to use? Very easy.

If it feels good, then use it. If not, then do not!

Thats all there is to it. To assert that one must visualize to realize their desires, when visualizing the frustrating effort for it, is opposed to the purpose of using the tool in the first place! While people visualize, their frustration will create negative vibrations instead of increasing their positive vibrations even higher. The same goes for one method or tool that I've suggested in practicing the Law of Attraction. Use it only if they feel good for you.

To sum up, ask yourself these questions when checking to see if the visualization or any other method or tool is right for you. Do I feel good because I use a method or tool? The method or tool is helping me to offer a positive vibration? If the answer is yes then it is sure that it is an effective tool for you to continue to use as you continue to manifest your desires.

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