Friday, October 9, 2015

Allowing time for germination

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There is a concept in coaching called seed implantation. That means that it takes time for new ideas and suggestions to be embraced. There are clients who take hold of new ideas and run with it, some take a little more time to allow the idea to grow while others may take years before the idea of ​​bean sprouts. Still some clients will never catch the idea. It would just lie on. It really does not matter what a client with ideas. The goal is to plant the seed and the client can do with what they will. Sometimes an idea just needs time to germinate.

A counselor once told me that to make a decision is a decision. He said not to choose is a choice. I thought he was nuts and continue with my life. It was five years later, when I was in the middle of a situation where I was to avoid a decision that his words hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually said loudly, "I got it." It took many years for the seed to germinate in my mind until one day he grew and grew into a concept that I understand. I'm finally ready to get it. I could not hear it before, but with time, I have evolved sufficiently so that the concept makes sense. New ideas can take time to get used to. When we first heard the idea we might not be ready for it. It was fine. When you are ready the idea will grow and grow and be there for you.

The flip side of this is not to force your ideas and suggestions to others. By all means share them, but stop there. Planting seeds is not an aggressive act; This gentle and done with love and affection. All you can do is plant the idea. What happens is the individual and what they are willing to hear at that moment. Ideas can grow straight or require years. That is not your concern. Your task is to plant the seed and move on.

Everyone is at a different place in their lives. Sometimes you will understand new ideas quickly and may even take action on it at the time. At other times, it will take a long time. Do not blame yourself when you do not get something right away. It just means the idea is germinating. When you are ready the idea will grow and grow and be there to support you. Until then do not worry about it and go with ideas that you are ready. There will be many seed ideas that grow at a certain time to keep you busy.

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